Best Valorant Betting Sites of 2024

Valorant betting has become a phenomenon in the world of esports,­ captivating both newcomers and seasoned bettors alike.­ By delving into the intricacies of the game,­ meticulously analyzing teams and players,­ and finding the best Valorant betting sites,­ you can begin placing bets on big tournaments.­

Join us on an immersive journey through our comprehensive guide to Valorant betting in 2024.­ Discover everything from top-­rated betting sites to invaluable strategic tips and essential legal considerations.­

All the sites we list are safe and tested by us, so you can sit back, choose a site, and trust that we have done the due diligence for you. If you feel like taking the matter into your own hands, we have pinpointed some of the most crucial factors to consider further down this article.

TOP 10 Valorant Betting Websites

Looking for the top Valorant betting sites amidst the surging popularity of the game?­ No worries,­ we’ve got you covered!­ To ensure a seamless and enjoyable betting experience,­ we have compiled a comprehensive list of reputable platforms:­ GG.­BET,­ Thunderpick,­ BetUS,­ LOOT.­BET,­ Picklebet,­ Betway,­ and Luckbox.­ Trustworthy options that stand out from the rest!­

These platforms provide competitive Valorant odds,­ attractive bonuses,­ and a wide range of betting options.­ This ensures that your Valorant betting experience is exceptional.

  1. GG.BET
  2. Thunderpick
  3. Picklebet
  5. Betway
  7. Arcanebet
  8. Luckbox
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1. GG.BET valorant esports betting section

As a top esports betting site,­ GG.­BET offers an exceptional Valorant betting experience.­ With its dedicated focus on competitive markets,­ enhanced streaming features,­ and real-­time player stats,­ GG.­BET allows enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Valorant betting.­

GG.BET is becoming a promine­nt player in the world of Valorant esports be­tting, providing a wide range of options that cater to the­ game’s growing popularity. Offering live be­ts that more than 60% of users prefe­r, GG.BET guarantees freque­nt updates to keep be­ttors engaged with real-time­ odds.

The Valorant se­ction is easy to navigate, thanks to its slee­k and intuitive platform design. Furthermore­, the casino segment offe­rs partnerships with leading game provide­rs and has no withdrawal limits.

This makes it an ideal choice for those interested in placing Valorant bets and staying updated on the latest developments in the competitive scene.­

While the­re are some ne­gative reviews and a 25x playthrough re­quirement for previous bonuse­s, bettors should approach with caution when considering this option.

In conclusion, GG.BET offers a robust be­tting platform for Valorant. However, it is always recomme­nded to conduct thorough research be­fore making any review.

2. Thunderpick

Thunderpick,­ a popular esports betting site,­ shines with its diverse Valorant betting markets and acceptance of cryptocurrency.­ While it focuses primarily on major match-­ups,­ resulting in a slightly narrower range of games for Valorant betting,­ Thunderpick compensates by offering unique features like cryptocurrency betting markets.­ This exceptional combination establishes Thunderpick as one of the leading esports betting sites.­

With match winner bets,­ map winner bets,­ handicap bets,­ and prop bets on offer to cater to a wide range of bettors’­ preferences.­ review.

3. BetUS

betus esports

For those residing in the United States who enjoy placing bets,­ BetUS stands out as an excellent choice.­ This particular sportsbook provides comprehensive coverage of esports,­ including highly popular titles such as League of Legends,­ DOTA 2,­ Starcraft,­ and certainly not forgetting Valorant.­

I find BetUS to be a compelling option for those seeking to place bets on the competitive Valorant scene due to its generous bonuses for esports betting.


LOOT.­BET is a fantastic platform for Valorant betting enthusiasts.­ It offers reliability and a user-­friendly interface,­ making it highly appealing.­ With a wide range of betting options available,­ such as match winner bets,­ map winner bets,­ handicap bets,­ and prop bets,­ LOOT.­BET caters to everyone’s preferences.­ This platform is especially great for those who enjoy Riot Games’ creations.

Moreover,­ the user-­friendly interface and comprehensive tutorials and guides facilitate the seamless navigation of Valorant betting for both newcomers and experienced bettors.­

4. Picklebet

Picklebet,­ an esports-­focused betting site,­ emerges as the top-­notch choice for those seeking Valorant betting opportunities.­ With its wide array of Valorant markets and competitive odds,­ Picklebet caters to bettors at all skill levels.­

Picklebet offers additional features that enhance the betting experience for Valorant enthusiasts.­ These include live betting,­ cash out options,­ and a loyalty program.­ Such enticing additions make Picklebet an appealing choice

5. Betway

Betway,­ a reputable betting site,­ provides a secure and comprehensive Valorant betting experience.­ It caters to new customers with enticing promotions and offers an intuitive interface along with a dedicated mobile app.­ With a wide range of secure payment methods,­ competitive odds,­ and a trustworthy betting service,­ Betway stands out as the preferred choice for those eager to place wagers on Valorant matches.­

The betting site for Valorant offers a range of user-­friendly features that ensure seamless placement of bets on the game.

6. Luckbox

Looking for a licensed and regulated Valorant betting experience?­ Look no further than Luckbox.­ With extensive coverage of Valorant matches and a user-­friendly interface,­ Luckbox makes it effortless to discover the betting options you require.­

The platform ensures a safe and enjoyable betting journey by prioritizing security and regulation for wagering on Valorant and other titles.

How to Bet on Valorant Matches

Valorant is live and expected to become a big esports phenomenon in the scene. Now people wonder how they can bet on Valorant matches. More and more tournaments are popping up, and people are eager to start betting on their new favorite game. But don’t worry, we’ll cover what to think of, how it works, and also where you can turn to place your bets.

How does Valorant Betting work?

Very similar to CSGO, you have two teams that will be matched towards each other on a map. The team that reaches 13 rounds first will win the game, and if you’ve placed your money on the winner, you’ll take home some cash, which varies depending on the odds. The game cannot go above 13 rounds. Remember, if this is a BO3, they’ll need to win one more game to take home the win. If both teams reach 12 rounds, the match goes into over-time; it will be a sudden death round for the win of the game. The team wins rounds either by eliminating the opponents, planting and successfully blows up the spike, or if the Defenders defuse the spike.

This is not the only type of betting there available Valorant wagers. You can also place live bets or so-called special bets, which we’ll explain in the text below. ↓

What type of bets are available?

  • Match winner – The winner of the match, no matter which format the match is being played at, e.g., BO1, BO3, BO5.
  • Map winner – When this is available, you can bet on the winner of the map. So even if it’s a game of 3 maps, you can bet on which team will win a specific map.
  • First Blood – Bet on which team will draw the first blood of the round
  • Spike Plant – Some sites allow you to place your bet on whether the Attackers will be able to plant the spike for the next round.
  • Live Bets – Some sites allow something called “Live bets.” This will enable you to bet on things that might happen in the very near future, e.g., when the spike gets planted, you might get the chance to bet on whether the Defenders will be able to defuse the spike. Other common Live bets are, “Will’ player’ clutch this round?”, “Will’ player’ manage to save the Operator?”.

Understanding Valorant Betting Odds

Valorant betting odds
Valorant betting odds

When betting on Valorant, you will most likely see Decimal odds [2.5]. It’s the most common way of displaying odds compared to the American odds, is rarely seen in Valorant betting. Decimal odds are also the easiest ones to understand. You basically take the money you’ve placed and multiply it by the number(s) the odds display, the amount you get will be money you’ve won from your bet.

Example of the most common Valorant odds: You’ve placed a bet of $10 on Fnatic with 2.5 in odds. If Fnatic wins, you’ll take home $25. $10×2.5=$25

The odds in Valorant might differ slightly from the betting sites that you look into. Consider choosing the site with the best odds as those with odds that favor the underdogs more than other sites usually take a higher fee from your bet and therefore have worse odds.

Where to Bet on Valorant?

All of the sites listed on this page offer bets on Valorant. We have reviewed all the sites impartially to make sure that our suggestions become as accurate as possible. Which site you should choose depends on what you are looking for and some key factors that will be covered below.

Security Features All Valorant Betting Sites Should Have

To start with, all providers of betting should be legit. To check the legitness of a site, you can check in the footer of their website. There, you can make sure that they are licensed. Common licenses are:

Like, some sites are also a part of anti-corruption associations to prevent such things as match manipulation and betting fraud.

Another thing to check for is the Provability fair. This shows that the betting site’s casino part is legit and follows the laws within this particular subject.

100 Bonus lootbet

Payment options

What’s great about Valorant gambling is that there are many different ways to deposit and withdraw money, and most sites have all the conventional ways, such as credit/debit card payment to payment services such as Neteller, etc. Most sites offer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as a deposit method. Some might even provide it as a withdrawal option. However, a couple of gambling sites for Valorant only offer crypto as a payment option. This means that there’s no fiat available at all.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go to each of these sites and check which payment options are available. We’ve covered that for each of the sites in their reviews.

Valorant betting bonuses

Bonuses are fantastic, and it’s essentially free cash. But there are a couple of different bonuses out there, and they might differ a lot. A very high bonus might not always be the best choice, and here’s why.

There’s this thing called turnover. It’s how much you need to wager before you can withdraw any money from that bonus you just got. Here’s how it works.

Example: You deposit $50 and get 150% in the welcome bonus; you then get $75 as a bonus. This means you now have $125 in your account. But to be able to withdraw your bonus, you’ll need 20x in turnover. That means you’ll have to wager 50(your deposit amount)x20(the turnover required).

You’ll have to wager $1000 to reach the turnover requirement, but if you bet $50 on a 2.0 odd, you’ll win $100. So this means that you only have $900 left to turnover? No, only the money wagered counts, not your winnings.

What types of bonuses do Valorant betting sites offer?

There are many different bonuses while betting on Valorant, and there’s no reason to say no to a good one. We have multiple bonus codes for you gathered on this site, so feel free to check them out. Here are the most common types of bonuses you’ll stumble on when you’ve become a bettor.

  • Welcome bonus – A bonus given at registration or at your first deposit
  • % on Deposit – Gives you a percentage on your deposit. For example, a 100% bonus on your deposit.
  • Free bet – Usually given at first deposit, you get the money back on your first bet or get a certain amount (usually low) at registration.
  • Cashback – Get a percentage back on your bets; this is more commonly seen at more significant events.
  • Free spins – Example: Deposit $50 and get 10 free spins in the casino area.
  • Combo bonus – A mix of any of the above

Important Conditions for Real Money Valorant Betting Sites

Customer support

Excellent customer support is essential for a good bookmaker. You’ll eventually run into issues, and you don’t want to sit around waiting for a day waiting for an email response. You want the problem to be dealt with immediately, and that’s why you always should consider choosing a site with live chat support. Some sites may have live support but a slow response rate, which can be quite frustrating. Check our reviews of the websites to see what we have to say about their customer support.

Low Profit Margins

Checking the profit margins is one of the first things you’ll want to do. Cause if you don’t, you might end up with a site that provides worse odds than one of its competitors. The reason is simple. If the odds are skewed in the betting sites’ favor, they are probably taking more significant profit margins.

Example: The odds should be 2.0, but the site has set it to 1.90 to have the odd working in the Valorant bookie’s favor.

Make sure to compare the odds of different websites to make sure you start your gambling journey in the best way possible. Also cause once you’ve chosen a site, you most likely will not want to change to another one.

Quick Tips for Betting on Valorant

Now from this list of the best Valorant betting sites, you’ve hopefully found one that suits your needs and expectations; the next thing to pay attention to is how to take home as many wins as possible and make your wagering successful. Therefore, we will give you a few quick tips on how to improve before even making your first deposit.

Most Important: Knowledge about the teams

Understanding how the teams work in Valorant is essential to be a successful bettor. Some teams might have an easier time playing against a team that, on paper, is a harder team. Therefore always make sure you stay up-to-date on the teams you bet on but also bet against.

  • Recent Form – How has the team(s) performed in recently played matches.
  • Previous Results vs. “Team” – How does the record look when the team you’re betting on has played against the competitors in the past.
  • Changes within the team(s) – Have there been any significant changes within the organization? Perhaps one of the teams will be using a stand-in player for the match. Did any of the teams recently change their roster, player, or coach?
  • News – Have any of the teams had some kind of issue lately that has come in the way of practicing like usual? Any disputes within the organization or anything else that may affect the gameplay or team chemistry? Injuries?

Understanding The Gameplay

This becomes very handy if you’re into live betting. It can be quite hard to have a good idea of where the match is heading if you don’t have a clue of how the game actually works. Play the game yourself and watch the professional players stream it to get a better understanding.

The Meta

Dive into the meta of Valorant. Get to know the characters available and the spells they have and how they can be used.

Valorant Betting FAQs

How do I watch professional Valorant matches?

Esports don’t work like traditional sports. Therefore you’ll watch Valorant on streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. On some Valorant betting sites, you’ll be able to watch these matches directly from the bookmaker.

Is Valorant betting legal in the US?

If you are going to bet on Valorant online, you’ll need to check if the bookmaker is licensed. If you’re from the US, you’ll have to place your bets with a betting site that operated outside of the US. You can also check their terms to see if US bettors are blacklisted or not. Follow this, and you will be able to bet on Valorant. No specific laws are restricting Valorant betting other than this.