About us

We love esports and betting is a way to make it even more exciting!

We are a team that has been playing Valorant since the second day of the beta, and we’re super glad to see the game live up to our expectations, we have been playing games since Nintendo 64 and started getting stuck for Esports and the competitiveness in early CSGO 1.6.

We are a team with years and years of experience within the esports industry and are aware of the difficulty in finding a reliable betting site. Being bettors ourselves in various Esports games such as League of Legends and CSGO, we decided to create this website for those that are just getting started or perhaps are looking to switch the betting site to a better one. With our knowledge in the game, we aim to provide the best and accurate reviews and options to bet on Valorant.

What we are reviewing

  • Bonuses & promos – We put a big emphasis on welcome bonuses but also on recurring promotions that occur with the bookmaker. Examples of these promotions are Cash-back, % on deposit, or specific bonuses connected to certain tournaments.
  • A big variety of games to gamble on – You might have come here to gamble on a specific game such as Valorant but as esports fans, we know that sometimes you’ll move into other games. We believe it’s important to be able to gamble at those games with the same gambling site.
  • Legitimacy of the bookmaker – We test all the websites that we list. Make sure that they are regulated and secure.
  • Deposit & withdrawals – We believe it’s important that the site you choose has various payment and withdrawal methods. Our goal is that if you change your preferred method of choice, you won’t have to change your gambling site.

Disclaimers and Limitations

We are affiliated with some of the websites we link out. However, we are still not favoring any sites because of this. We are always trying to be 100% honest and authentic in all our reviews, and we have personally tried out all of the websites that we are reviewing here. So we have the first-hand experience, we also test how long time it takes for the support to answer and similar important factor.

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