Ascent Valorant Map Guide: Strategies, Callouts, Best Agents & More

Are you ready to master Ascent, one of Valorant’s most iconic maps? Set in a unique airborne Venice, Ascent is the first map that offers a thrilling mix of traditional Italian architecture and the futuristic influence of the Kingdom corporation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to dominate this Ascent Valorant map, from mastering mid control to utilizing the best agents and their abilities. So buckle up and get ready to elevate your game!

Short Summary

  • Ascent is a defense-sided map set in Venice, Italy featuring unique mechanical doors and mid control.
  • Mastering strategies for attacking & defending A/B Sites as well as callouts are essential for success on Ascent.
  • Killjoy, Sova, Jett & Omen are the best agents to use with Easter eggs and references adding an immersive experience.
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Ascent Overview

The debut map in the Valorant library, Ascent, has become an important part of players’ hearts. Created by Riot Games and set against a backdrop of Venetian architecture with Kingdom influence, this defensive-oriented battleground is ideal for veteran gamers and newcomers alike.

Featuring striking mechanical doors alongside its expansive mid area (something not found on other maps within the game), it will no doubt remain one of the most popular environments to play upon.

Location & Setting

The map of San Marco, Venice is almost completely occupied by the Kingdom due to the catastrophic result of a radiation-related incident caused by an operative from Omega Earth.

This has rendered the city into an airborne island known as Ascent and given way for Mid Market to become integral in regulating mid fights across both teams since it provides direct access to A Site being used as a middle link between them.

Crucially located, this area serves great significance when striving for control over mid – making it one of Alpha history’s most important venues!

Riot Games, Valorant

Map Layout & Design

Ascent’s design gives a great focus on mid control, providing both A and B locations as well as numerous paths for both attackers and defenders.

The map is special with its irreversible bomb doors at the spike sites, which are opened initially each round but can be closed using an electrical switch accessible from the site side of them.

Each one of these mechanical doors that lead to the target areas has 500 HP resistance capacity, so it might get broken down in battle if shot or attacked by ability projectiles, leaving open access to those zones until the end of the match.

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Another impressive trait found within Ascent is represented by two walls separating Courtyard from Link having 400 HP respectively.

They may shatter upon bullet fire or different abilities employed, allowing wall penetration this way adding more strategies when you factor in garden entrance fixed into play because there’s a window overlooking Garden containing breakable glass-pane turning even more lethal when bullets touch it, all factors making Ascent such an interesting battleground needing diverse tactics used throughout the entire match!

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Mastering Mid Control

On the Ascent map, having control of mid is paramount to success for either team. Taking charge in this area offers up a range of new opportunities and pathways to pursue with gunslinging skills and agent abilities intertwined seamlessly.

Mid-domination holds the key allowing teams greater maneuverability on topography while defending it at the same time – making sure that they don’t fall short when facing any opposition head-on. Understanding how to command your surroundings by mastering mid can be an invaluable asset throughout each match!

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Attacking Mid Control

Gaining control of mid is key to any match and agents like Sova and Omen are great picks for that. To make a safe push up the Catwalk, using smoke under the Arch can be highly effective in avoiding exposure from enemies at Cubby on A-side.

This strategy allows players to gain control over mid without putting themselves in harm’s way while pushing up onto the Catwalk successfully.

Defending Mid Control

Securing control of mid requires strategic positioning in key locations such as Cubby and B Market, particularly with an Operator. Map awareness, coordination between team members, and the judicious use of utility items like smokes and flashes are all important for keeping hostile players at bay while maintaining dominance over only a small area, including the coveted midpoint.

To make sure enemies can’t push out from their position across this region successfully, you need to have your sights set on them – using your operator gun skillfully to keep back attackers before they gain any ground or momentum there.

A Site: Strategies & Callouts

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Ascending to victory on the Ascent map requires a sound understanding of both A Site’s attack routes and its callouts. From A Lobby, attackers can travel straight into A Main or take a left-hand turn down Mid Catwalk towards Link.

Making informed decisions about when and where to press forward offensively as well as strategically defending chokepoints will go far in securing success for either side. Familiarizing oneself with this competitive environment is key if you want your team to stand triumphant on the battlefield!

Attacking A Site

For a successful attack on A Site, Breach, Omen, Jett and Raze should be employed to capture control of the Lobby and Main. The Spike can then be planted close by the Generator located on the left side. Monitoring key positions held by defenders will guarantee an effective offensive effort is made.

It’s imperative that points with advantageous sightlines are kept in check for best results from this strategy execution.

Defending A Site

When guarding A Site, it is imperative to focus on controlling perspectives and areas near the A Lobby and Main. Utilize flashes as well as utility items in order to bar attackers from seeing or influencing those spots. Likewise, be aware of their potential alternative flanking moves they may attempt.

Smokes combined with other useful tools are an effective way to obstruct such flank paths while maintaining control of the site.

B Site: Strategies & Callouts

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When playing Ascent, there are two sites on B Site that attackers and defenders must be aware of: attacking via B Main or coming down Mid into the Market.

Knowing the layout of this area as well as which paths to take in order to successfully gain control will benefit your team tremendously when it comes time for assaulting or defending these locations.

Having a detailed understanding not just of what routes lead where but also their respective strategies and callouts is essential if you’re aiming at taking over this key part of the map.

Attacking B Site

To launch an offensive on B Site, deploy smokes and stuns to push through the entry point of B Main while obscuring your movement. Then place the Spike behind default boxes as a way to guarantee security in Boat House for your team.

This process gives you control over unexpected situations and strong defenses where it is necessary most. By deploying this strategy with precision, you have all that’s needed at B Site for success.

Defending B Site

Keeping B counts. Site under control is paramount, and agents like Sova and Killjoy are ideal for holding main choke while maintaining key angles such as Boat House. Defending the site effectively can be achieved by securing these important positions at b Main.

Best Agents for Ascent

Riot Games, Valorant

Ascent is a map that requires each agent to utilize their own special abilities and skills for success. Some Valorant agents perform better than others on Ascent, with Killjoy, Sova, Jett, and Omen being the most powerful in terms of gaining an edge over other teams.

Knowing how best to use these characters’ individual powers will give your team the ultimate advantage when playing this particular arena. In regards to Killjoy specifically.

Her Nanoswarm ability helps make her stand out from all others as she’s particularly effective at defending objectives or creating defensive positions quickly while also distracting foes attempting to attack them or if looking elsewhere it can be used offensively by blocking potential avenues they could take towards securing an objective point.


Killjoy is highly efficient at protecting B Site using her Nanoswarms and turret. Her defensive skills enable the team to control map movement and slow down attackers, which makes Killjoy an irreplaceable component in any squad playing on Ascent.

Not only can she be used as a blocker for attackers while teammates move to another location, but her mobile abilities are also strategically beneficial when deployed correctly.


Ascent is the perfect map for Sova to demonstrate his scouting and intel-gathering prowess in mid control. His Shock Arrows and Recon Bolt abilities are key assets that enable your team to take hold of this vital area, leading to smoother rotations and strategic pushes.

Mid control will be enhanced with Sova’s support, a prime example of how an Agent can bring valuable intelligence into play during combat scenarios.


Jett’s quickness and coordination make her a top choice for pushing A Site on Ascent. Her Cloudburst technique can throw off opponents, while Updraft lets her swiftly get to higher ground, which offers an edge when taking the site in question.

Jett’s versatility and usefulness are what makes this prime for holding down this particular area of ascent.


Riot Games, Valorant

On Ascent, Omen’s smoking and teleportation abilities make him a powerful agent to have on your team. He can take advantage of these mobile abilities to control the map with his Dark Cover ability by blocking enemy access through shadow walls. This gives teams an edge in combat as he is versatile enough for both attacking and defending tactics.

Ascent Map Callouts

Knowledge of the map callouts featured on Ascent’s in-game map is essential for successful communication during a match.

They enable players to quickly transfer pertinent details concerning where opponents are situated, movements they’re taking and other occurrences that take place within the game. This includes more general areas like mid, tree or spawn, but also site-specific sites such as A Site and B Site.

Practicing with these callouts will be beneficial for you when playing Ascent, this also applies to your team! Make sure everyone is familiar with them so it can help build up cohesiveness which could lead to better success overall whilst gaming together.

Easter Eggs & References

Ascent is an exciting map that not only offers intense gameplay, but also has various references and Easter eggs woven into it. These include “Unbench the Kench” from League of Legends (a popular meme) newspapers flying around with information related to Valorant’s universe. As well as “The Rise of Venice” which provides background for this open beta world.

These special add-ons make Ascent even more engaging and entertaining while giving players added layers of fun. So when you’re playing on ascent, don’t forget to look out for these hidden gems! They may give insight or clues about improving your skills within the game.

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Ascent has been highly acclaimed by Valorant players since its release on June 2nd, 2020. The corresponding card of this map is an aesthetic option included in Episode 1 Ignition Act 1’s Battlepass.


Finally, Valorant’s Ascent map is a thrilling and complex battlefield that brings both attackers and defenders new challenges to overcome. To ensure success on this iconic course you must become familiar with the different sites’ advantages as well as pitfalls while obtaining mid-control domination.

As your skills advance, be sure to coordinate effectively using all of the unique callouts available for such a high-stakes mission. Thus setting yourself up for swift victory! With hard work and dedication, soon enough you’ll start climbing towards superiority in any match played at this exceptional location.

Frequently Asked Questions

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