They can be the best fantasy football review site? It is one of the sites I have just experienced. It offers various betting opportunities in sports branches. They are: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, GOLF, NASCAR, WNBA, MMA.

Imagine there is no salary limit. Superdraft wants to give DailyFantasy Sports fans a new experience with its innovative game options. In conclusion, without salary limits, you will be able to get any player you want.

You can do it without worrying about the limit. However, whether or not to make this successful will depend on your mastery of player performances and team formation.

SuperDraft and Legality

It is extremely legal like other sites. However, it is not available in some states and countries. The regions it serves are as follows;

  • Canada
  • USA

Game Options and Scoring System

Superdraft offers a game mode that is not available on other Fantasy sports betting sites. The name of this game is the multiplier mode.

Multipiler: Each player you choose with the team you create in your competitions is assigned a scoring multiplier according to a value determined by SuperDraft. For example, a player with a 2 multiplier will get all the points he earns by multiplying by 2. These scores may vary according to fantasy sports.

Champion Mode: With this mode, you create a team with 4 flex players along with a champion who gets 50% of the multiplier value in competitions. Each player in this draft team is assigned a scoring multiplier.

Salary Limit: SuperDraft gives you a budget of $80,000. From now on, what you will do is to create your team by determining the player performances and the latest status of the teams with fantasy football news sites.

Payment Methods

  • ACH withdrawals are made directly to your bank account. These processes take between 1 and 8 days. EChecks, on the other hand, is a popular payment method. You may wish to contact customer service for check mailing.
  • They offer the option to deposit via all other major credit cards. Such as Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

SuperDraft Bonus & Promotions

First Deposit Bonus: You will receive 50% of any deposit as a bonus. For example, if you deposit $100, you will receive $50 as a bonus.

Reference System: When you invite your friend, you will receive a $20 cash bonus.

4.0 rating