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Play Crash through any of the sites that we recommend. We’ve done the due-diligence in our reviews to rate each of these sites fair and unbiased. We’ve also done our best to make sure you get the best bonuses with our bonus codes or links. Check the list below of the best CSGO Crash sites for you to gamble on in 2021:

5.0 rating
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We’re putting in many hours to ensure that you get the best possible experience when you’re about to enter your first Crash site. With the work we do, we can guarantee that you’ll have a smooth and secure gambling experience by choosing the top sites reviewed by us.

How Does Crash Work?

The two types or Crash games available for gambing. Normal Crash & X-Roulette

Normal Crash

This is the most common Crash for CSGO sites. Usually, there’s a chart your following that goes upwards and keeps multiplying. The way to win this game is to jump out of the game before the game crashes, and you lose your initial stake. There’s no max multiplier that we know of, but you rarely see a multiplier Crash later than 70x. It’s also rare that any player would dare to stay in the game for so long before jumping out of it since seeing a 70x or above multiplier is not common.

The most common crash happens between 1-10x, although, you could pick home winnings at 200x your stake if you’re brave enough.


This is basically Roulette and Crash mashed together into one game. On Rollbit, you’ll be able to play the game with skins being the multipliers.

Here you place your bet on what the multiplier will crash at before it starts, the player closest to the multiplier it crashes at wins the stake of the game.

Strategies for Crash Games


This strategy builds on getting back previous losses no matter how many there are in a row by always double your deposit after a loss. As you keep losing, your chances of winning increases and since you’ve doubled your deposits, the winnings will be most likely weigh up for the losses and hopefully a some $ in profit as well.

  • Bet $1 & set your stop-loss to 3x
    • If you win, start over at $1
    • If you lose, place a bet for $2

Now just keep this up until your happy with your winnings. The bigger your budget is the higher your starting amount can be, just bare in mind that you want enough budget to loose 20 rounds in a row.

Slow & Steady

Like the above strategy, you set a stop-loss, but much lower. This strategy is not the impatient gamblers out there. Your Stop-Loss should be set to $1.2-1.3. It’ll most likely give you wins more often than losses and eventually you’ll see the winning stack up and provide you with a profit. You will most likely miss out on big multipliers but this strategy is all about playing it safe.

  • Set stop-loss to $1-2-1.3 and bet on every round.

Anti-Martingale Technique (Mostly Used by Advanced Gamblers)

This technique build on the belief of hot winning streaks and cold losing streaks.

You’ll increase your bet after a win in the belief that you’re on a good winning streak, and if you’d lose the second bet you’ve only lost your previous winnings.

After a loose, you will decrease your bet believing that you’re most likely on a losing streak. Now, if you keep losing, you only lost half of what you would’ve, and if you win, well, then you double up again.

Remember, always seek help if you’re feeling that your gambling is becoming a problem.