Best CSGO Roulette sites | Top 10 | Bonuses | Promo Codes

One of the older and most known gambling methods in CSGO is Roulette sites. We’ve picked all of the absolute best sites and reviewed them for you, to make sure that you start off with a good experience in whatever site you choose to gamble with. Each of these sites come with a bonus using the PROMO code provided by us. On top of this, we’ll give you a couple of strategies for Roulette gambling below the list. Enjoy the Top CSGO Roulette sites of 2021:

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CSGO Roulette Variants

There are two variants to the game’s practicality, and there are also differences in the looks of the Roulette wheel, and that’s that.

Different types of CSGO Roulette sites

Normal Roulette

This is probably the Roulette that you know about. It’s exactly like in traditional casinos where you bet on 3 different colors.
The colors to bet on are usually Red and Black and you’ll 2x your bet if you pick the correct color; then there’s a third color that’ll give you a return of 14x you bet.

Visuals differences

Some sites have chosen to stay with the traditional look of simply Red and Black. However, there are CSGO Roulette sites out there that offer a CSGO take on this. Here are the different visuals you’ll see when you want to play CSGO Roulette:

  • Black & Red
  • CT & T


This is a fun mix of the game Crash and Roulette to spice things up from the traditional Roulette. This is a variant introduced by the site Rollbit and you bet on where you think the game will crash before it starts. In my opinion it’s closer to Crash than Roulette, so perhaps it’s wiser to stay with any of the other sites if Roulette is what you’re looking for.

CSGO Roulette Strategies

It’s important to have a strategy while gambling, this helps you avoid making emotional decisions which is never a good idea when wagering money.

Martingale Strategy

This is a strategy we’ve talked about before on this site, and the reason is that Martingale or the so-called double-up strategy is one of the most common strategies out there.
All you have to do when using the strategy for CSGO Roulette is to double your initial deposit every time you lose until you win. Once you win, you go back to the original amount and start over.

  • Original bet(start bet): $1
  • 1(loose)-2(loose)-4(loose)-8(loose)-16(win)

As you can see from the above example, even if you lose 4 in a row, you would’ve lost $15, but since you’ve doubled-up on the last bet, which was a win, you won 16×2 = $32. That means your profit will be $2 even though you have lost 4 out of 5 games, making your betting more secure from losses.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci is even considered safer than Martingale, but still has good chances of taking home profits.
It’s a mathematical theory that provides you the amount to wager by adding the two previous numbers(bets) together. Here’s an example:

2 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 10 – 16 – 26 – 42 – 68 – 110

You can start at any number you’d like, you just got to add the two previous bets to find out what amount your next bet should have.