Daily Fantasy MMA Strategy Guide

Daily Fantasy Sports bets started to spread all over the world, especially in the USA. Football, basketball, tennis, baseball, etc. Sports are the most preferred Daily Fantasy bet types. Fantasy MMA strategy is a more challenging field that requires research compared to other sports. After you have enough information, you will start to wait for fight nights and tournaments with excitement.

If you want to participate in fantasy small fight nights and complain that there is not enough information, you can read the rest of our guide. MMA is no longer a sport to be only used for traditional betting.

You can now place bets on fantasy MMA strategy fights as you play in football, basketball, and baseball.

So where do we start? We will explain the Daily Fantasy MMA strategy through DraftKings, which stands out among many fantasy betting sites that we think will serve as a guide for you.

Although this article is based on DraftKings, most of these strategies work as well for other fantasy sportsbooks.

How Does Fantasy MMA Work?

Fantasy MMA Strategy

Firstly, we need to pay attention to what rules are there in Fantasy MMA fight bets. We will try to answer the most detailed questions, from how it is scored to how much budget you will start with.

Standard Rules

There are many different betting options in Fantasy MMA fights. There are certain odds that cover all betting options. These rates are determined by the moves made by the fighters. They can earn points for every move they make. This table is as follows.

Significant Strikes+0.2 points
Control Time+0.03 Pts/Second
Takedown+5 points
Reversal/Sweep+5 points
Knockdown+10 points

Here is the list of points that fantasy MMA fighters can get per round win;

These rates may vary on some other sites. The tables in the images are valid for Draftkings.

You may want to spend a large part of your money on the team you will establish and get a superstar MMA fighter.

Moreover, you need to analyze the characteristics of the fighters. And the opponents to be matched well. There are some details for the selection of the team you will establish:

  • You have a salary limit of $50,000 – This means you have to spend your money in a controlled manner.
  • You can only choose 6 fighters – If you buy a superstar fighter, you may have to buy other fighters cheaper. At this point, it is useful to be a little balanced.
  • You must determine the team 5 minutes before the start of the matches – If you do not, the teams will be locked after 5 minutes.
  • Only fighters’ offensive moves are awarded points.

MMA Scoring Details

  • Significant Strikes and any Distance Strike or Ground Strikes are the fighter’s attacks to earn points. The force strike is critical at this point.
  • Control time is the time you spend while the opponent is in a superior position on the ground or riveting. Per second, your fighter earns +0.03 points.
  • A Knockdown is given to a fighter who incapacitates his or her opponent for an extended period of time, as determined by the official scorers.
  • If your fighter wins a quick win by knockout his opponent within 60 seconds or much less within the first round, he also gains the quick win bonus.

MMA DFS Fighter Pool

It includes all the MMA fights that the teams should have for the upcoming tournament. Sometimes some of the fighters may be injured or not be in the pool. Generally, when the game pool is created for the tournament, and the salaries and lineups are made for the teams, the fighter pool is never broken.

In very rare cases, Draftkings may make adjustments to the tournament. In case of developments that may disrupt the balance of the game. Also, if there are 24 hours before a fighter is removed from the pool before the tournament starts, reserve fighters are included in the pool.

Which Competitions Do I Have to Choose?

You can start by participating in the simplest 50/50 tournaments at first. It is important to gain experience. If you have never placed Fantasy MMA bets, we recommend you try all the events.

The important point here is to gain experience with tournaments with as few rivals as possible and to determine the Daily Fantasy MMA strategy that suits you best.

Avoid participating in big tournaments in hopes of high income. Do this until you reach a certain level of experience because there are many fantasy MMA players who are more experienced than you. You can lose your money to them in an instant.

How to win on Fantasy MMA Draftkings?

The point you need to pay attention to is why you should choose your fighters. You may want to recruit fighters who can attack all long-lasting rounds. However, this may not mathematically get you to your goal because there are 2 normal fights outside the main event.

Strategy 1: Achieve the victory in the first round

MMA Draft fighters

It would be a very good choice always to choose MMA fighters who can beat your opponent in the 1st round in events other than the main competition. Otherwise, if you don’t win the first round, you will fall well behind your opponents. There is a trick here.

There are 3 rounds in competitions other than the main fights. This means that other fighters you choose do not have enough time to earn points. That’s why you should choose fighters who can get full points in the 1st round. Focus on winning in the first round.

Strategy 2: In Major Events, make your choices for durable fighters

The choices you make in main event fights are very important. Main competitions also have a total of 5 rounds. If you choose an aggressive fighter, the chances of being defeated in a 5-round fight are very high.

On the contrary, it is a good option for you to choose durable fighters who will not finish the fight in the first round for 5 rounds. In conclusion, the trick is to choose a fighter who can last until the end of the fight and continue the fight for 5 rounds.

Strategy 3: Choose tournaments with less competition

Always participate in leagues with fewer players. So why? Because MMA fantasy bets have a more limited number of players. Unlike other fantasy football, basketball, etc. sports.

This means that the pool of players you choose can create similarities with other players. Therefore, participating in competitions with a smaller number of participants will increase your winning rate.

Choose Aggressive Fighters

Remember the rules. What did we say? Fighters can always earn points on offense. The most important feature of the fighter you choose, from your best fighter to your worst fighter, is that he is aggressive.

You would never want a defensive fighter in your team. The more your fighter attacks until the rounds are over, the more points he gets. This situation brings you victory.

Set Yourself a Draftkings MMA Strategic Team

You have joined one of the Draftkings fantasy MMA leagues and you have to choose 6 players. This doesn’t seem easy when you consider the $50,000 salary cap.

Everyone wants to have 6 superstar fighters on team but there is not enough money. From this point on, we need to consider certain options. The advice we can give you as a tip will be as follows.

Fantasy MMA Lineup
  • 2 Superstar MMA fighters
  • 4  Durable long-lasting fighters

So why didn’t we get 6 durable fighters with our money? It’s actually straightforward. We hope to get first-round wins in some matches with your 2 superstar fighters.

Because in order to keep up with our other rivals, we need to use moderately resistant fighters in fights other than main competition matches.

If we used 6 ranked fighters there, it means that each round would be extended. And we would miss the opponents. At this point, 3 superstar fighters can also be selected if you want. This depends on your detailed research.

If you trust 2 tough mid-strength UFC fighters to choose, you may need to change your choices accordingly. In some cases in this style, you may want to take risks with your MMA picks.

Get detailed information on the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters

You need to have detailed information about the fighters while creating your lineups. Thus, the number of wins you will get against your opponents will also increase.

Sometimes you will share the same competition with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. Probably everyone will look into some details like you did.

For example, MMA fighters will learn the simple details of past fights. Like how many wins or how many defeats they have had. However, these are not enough.

The more detail you go into, the more you will master creating a truly powerful fantasy MMA strategy. So you may need to know a lot more than MMA fighter’s previous performances.

The most important of these is that every fighter has some of their strongest and weakest points.

For example, let’s think about why we paid Jon Jones a $12,000 salary. Jon Jones is a fighter who stands out with his martial technique in MMA. His fighting technique is similar to that of Bruce Lee. He usually kicks the legs and knees continuously. When he catches his opponent at the most inopportune moment, he kicks hard on the head and upper body.

He has a very combative and aggressive fighting style. Its weakness is almost negligible. The most important weakness of Jones is that kicking throws can take blows as a result of the opponent’s leaning forward with his fists. You can turn your fighter’s weaknesses into your advantage when it comes to matches.

Stay away from fighters who have not been on the field for a long time

Never include fighters who have taken a long break from fighting. Yes, with a good education, they may come back even stronger than before. But this is not a possibility that can take risks.

It should not be forgotten that players who have taken a break without injury or other reasons have difficulty in catching up with their previous performances.

You have to be careful about this issue. When doing your research, you should look for answers to questions, such as; when your fighters fought their last fight or when they experienced their last injury.

Can I join the same tournament with more than one team?

You can definitely participate. Each team entry is handled separately from the other. Thus, you can join multiple times with the same team. Or, with a different team, and increase the amount of prize you can receive.

However, this method is generally valid for tournaments with high prize money. If you try it in a low prize tournament, it will cost you money.

In this regard, MMA DFS is the best. Because tournaments often have high rewards. This makes Draftkings attractive for betting lovers who participate with more teams.

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Final Words on the Fantasy MMA Strategy Tips

With the introduction of fantasy sports betting in our lives, their popularity started increasing gradually. You no longer have to watch MMA on TV. You can have an exciting experience and earn money by participating in tournaments. We talked about fantasy MMA strategy picks for most of our articles.

If you’re focused on winning, you only have one way to be successful no matter what tactic you try. This means to analyze both your fighters and your opponents well.

As long as you understand the strengths and weaknesses, you can determine your own MMA DraftKings strategy and start winning.

If you have suggestions on MMA DraftKings tips, please share them with us.