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CSBRO is a gambling website that revolves around two things: CS:GO case openings and skin upgrades. Both features will be described below, as well as the website in general.

CSBRO Case Openings

On CSBRO, case openings are similar to those used by Valve on its Steam Market. You purchase a case and open it. The case contains dozens of skins and the odds of unboxing a particular skin are visible to you. So you know in advance what is the likelihood of getting what you want.

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CSBRO cases are not standard CS:GO cases. If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you are probably familiar with cases like Fracture, Clutch, Glove, Recoil, and so on. On csbro.com, the cases are built in a custom manner and they contain the CS:GO skins selected by the platform. 

So for instance, you can have a case full of knives. The cost of unboxing such a case is quite high, and the odds of getting a knife that costs 10 times more than what you had to pay are relatively low. But even if you don’t get what you want, you’ll still get a knife. So your losses will not surpass a certain percentage of the original amount.

The types of cases that you can open on CSBRO range from very cheap to very expensive. If you want to open cases that cost only a few dollars, you can do that. But the quality of the items will be proportional. The same goes for expensive cases. 

If you pay $100 for a knife case, the cheapest skin you’ll get will probably cost around $75. But many of the lower-odds options will be worth $500 – $1000.

In terms of diversity, CSBRO offers users the chance to get all kinds of skins. People who only care about knife skins can open cases that focus on that exclusively. But if you want rifle skins for your AK-47 or your M4A1, you can open cases that contain the items you desire.

In every single scenario, there’s a chance of winning much better skins than what you paid for, and there’s also a chance of getting a skin that’s slightly less valuable than your paid amount. 

In that sense, CSBRO is a gambling site. But it’s not an “all or nothing” type of gambling site. It’s more of a “lose a little at high odds or win a lot at lower odds” type of site. 

When opening a CSBRO case, one thing that you will not be told in advance is the float value of each skin. This value can be anything between Battle-Scarred and Factory New. 

CSBRO Skin Upgrades

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Another interesting feature of CSBRO is the Upgrade one. This feature gives you the chance to upgrade one of the skins you own to a more valuable one. The greater the value difference between your skin and the one you want to get, the lower the odds of succeeding. And vice versa.

You can opt for a high risk / high reward approach or you can take a low risk / low reward approach. It’s entirely up to you.

The Upgrade feature works similarly to CS:GO’s Trade-Up Contract feature. Except you don’t offer 10 skins for one that is more valuable than any of the 10 but generally less valuable than the 10 of them combined. You only offer 1 skin and try to upgrade it to your desired skin.

This means that you have an actual chance of getting spectacular items such as the AWP Dragon Lore. The odds are slim, but the possibility is there.

Payment Methods

CSBRO excels in this department and puts at your disposal a lot of methods to deposit and withdraw your money. The process is fully secure and quick. On rare occasions, you may need to wait for 5-10 minutes for everything to go through, but it will usually take less than that.

By far, the three coolest payment methods are these:

  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether)

These three options give you the possibility to deposit funds in whatever way you want. For a lot of people, the most appealing option is crypto. And that’s because it gives you anonymity.

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Customer Service

CSBRO’s customer service is really good. Whatever questions you may have, there’s someone there to answer them and guide you through the process. Every once in a while, a user may experience payment issues or skin withdrawal issues. The problems are not caused by the site. Rather, they’re related to an external process.

CSBRO actually addresses some of these problems and tells users to enable the trading option on their Steam accounts. Before using the platform, you will need to connect with your account and make sure that everything works properly.


The interface of CSBRO has clearly been designed primarily for smartphones. If you’re using a PC, initially you’ll feel lost and you won’t find the platform’s features. The symbol that opens the main menu of the site is located in the upper right corner and it looks like three stripes. Once you’ve located it, navigation is simple.

If you’ve used CS:GO gambling sites before, CSBRO will not feel that unfamiliar. But if you’re new to such websites, you’ll have to spend a few minutes to figure out how everything works.

The main areas you’ll mostly be interested in are Profile, Upgrade, and BRC Market. As a new user, it’s important to realize that Upgrade does not refer to some higher-tier way of using the platform. It simply refers to the feature discussed in this review.

Right now, there are close to 100.000 users on CSBRO, so the platform has been thoroughly tested and improved in terms of UI/UX and how it functions. But you’ll still need to go through a brief learning process before you can feel completely comfortable using the site.

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