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It is one of the most advanced real fantasy sports betting sites with the largest share in the industry. We start DraftKings review step by step with team drafts, formations, promotions, and fantasy sports options.

Is Draftkings Legal and Safe?

Draftkings, Daily Fantasy Sports is a globally established entertainment company that complies with federal and state laws. Federal law does not count fantasy sports betting sites as an illegal gambling practice law or prohibitions of UIGEA. However, regulations and laws at the state level may differ. Over the years, many states began to legally accept Daily fantasy sports bets.

In addition, Draftkings constantly checks the laws and their compliance and takes action accordingly. It rapidly implements new regulations by adapting to the changeability of laws. In short, we can call Draftkings best site to play fantasy football.

In which states can you legally gamble online in the US?

  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • Nevada (Only poker)
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Iowa
  • Alabama

How do you deposit money into DraftKings?

For instance, there are certain payment methods available in the permitted states. However, there is an important point here. You can only fund your Draftkings account under your own name.

  • Paypal
  • All other global credit and debit cards are accepted, especially Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • You can also pay with gift cards of Visa, Mastercard, or other cards.

To mention, there are some limits for deposits. Depending on your state, Draftkings support may require documentation from you to remove or increase these limits. For example, Photocopy of license or any other state-issued ID. In some states, you may need to show your income.

Which fantasy sports can be bet on?

Draftkings often include games like fantasy football. However, it is not limited to these. It includes all real fantasy sports. This is why Draftkings is number one on our fantasy sports betting sites list.

  • Fantasy Football
  • NFL Fantasy Games Online
  • NBA Fantasy Draft
  • MMA
  • EPL
  • Tennis
  • eSports

Which Fantasy Sports Competitions Can You Participate in?

Most importantly, fantasy games appear on a weekly and daily basis. There are areas where you can enter the lobbies from the menus at the top of the site and apply for the competitions you want. If you are a new user, we will give you information about which tournaments you can participate in. From the entrance fees to the sport you want to play, you can use the advanced filtering option. Now that you have determined the prize pool, the rest is just logging in and waiting.

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  • GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Competitions: These competitions are marked in orange in your lobby. There is a prize pool. Whether the match is over or not, all the money in the prize pool will be paid.
  • Leagues: If it is not filled by players, it closes automatically and entry fees are refunded. Most importantly, these games are listed in white in the lobby.
  • 50/50’s: Teams that successfully finish the first half of the tournament earn cash regardless of their number.
  • Multipliers: It is a great way to increase your balance. With these types, you have a chance to earn three to ten times the entrance fee.
  • Steps: With each step you progress, you earn a ticket and earn the right to move on to the next round. And you can do that for just $2.00. You need to proceed until step 4 to earn cash.
  • Beginner: It is a competition that you can only participate with beginner players like you up to a certain level. You cannot participate in these tournaments from the moment you exceed the limit.

Draftkings Bonus

NBA Bonuses: If you bet $25 on any NBA team you create, you will receive a $5 bonus per game you win.

NBA Money Line: Bet $5 on Money Line and get a $200 free bonus if your created team wins. Only those who deposit money to Draftkings for the first time can participate.

Deposit Bonus: You will receive a bonus for your deposit up to $1000.

One Free Bet Every Day: Draftkings offers its users the opportunity to place free bets on a specific pool every day.

Get a Free Bet $100: When you invite your friend, you both will receive a free $100 bet.

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