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Skin.Club is an online CS:GO skin site that revolves around opening cases and entering provably-fair gambling competitions against other players. You also have the possibility to use an Upgrade feature similar to the Trade-Up Contract feature in CS:GO.

Skin.Club’s Battles Feature

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On Skin.Club, you can enter battles against other players and the process feels a lot like finding a match in CS:GO. You simply start a battle or enter an existing one and wait for the remaining player(s) to join as well. You can also create a custom battle and wait for others to join. 

Most battles use the 1v1 format but you can allow up to 4 players to participate. Any battle that you create can be public or private. If a battle is public and there’s room left for you to join, you can pay the entry cost and then take part in it.

A battle usually consists of multiple rounds and each round is a case opening. The player who opens the more expensive skin receives its price value. In the end, the winner is the player who won the higher sum for the cumulated rounds. And he receives all of the skins generated by the battle.

The rounds take place very quickly and are fully automated. This means that a 10-round battle can last for less than a minute and if you won, you get your money immediately.

The earnings fully depend upon the RNG, but you can generally expect to get a decent profit if you win the battle. In some cases, that profit can be higher than 100%. In other words, the entry cost of the battle may be $10 and the amount generated by it in skins may surpass $20. Of course, this doesn’t happen that frequently. But it can certainly happen. case battles

One thing that you can do when you sign up on Skin.Club is to watch the battles of other players. This is a great way of learning about the system and seeing for yourself what the outcomes can be.

The player who creates the battle chooses the cases that will be opened during each round. And when you enter a battle, you can actually see ahead of time how many rounds it will have and what cases have been chosen. You will also be told the entry fee that you will have to pay.

Most cases cost only a few dollars, but some are very expensive and can cost up to $700+. In that sense, Skin.Club gives people the opportunity to gamble with high amounts if they want to do it. But for the most part, players will simply opt for the $5 – $50 battles.

Skin.Club’s Upgrade Feature upgrade feature

Skin.Club’s Upgrade feature lets you choose an item from your inventory and then select another item that you want to obtain. The lower the price difference between the two items, the higher the odds that the upgrade will be successful. 

So for example, if you select an AWP skin from your inventory and choose to upgrade it to a Dragon Lore, your odds of succeeding will be quite low. But if you want to make a lesser upgrade, your odds of succeeding are quite high. These odds always vary between 1% and 80%.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine the level of risk that you want to take. You can use a long-shot approach in an attempt to get really lucky, or you can use a more casual approach and get your skin upgraded frequently.

Payment Methods

Skin.Club will not allow you to use your Steam Wallet. You will be required to connect to the platform using your Steam account, but you cannot use the money from that account. Instead, you’ll be required to deposit your desired amount using Trustly, ID Check, VISA Secure, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, or a variety of other methods.

Skin.Club is very versatile when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, and the process happens very quickly. You don’t need to be worried about this part because the site is fully secured.

Obtaining Free Cases

On Skin.Club, you can get free cases by completing missions. These missions are simply actions that you are required to take on the website. Skin.Club rewards players for trying out its features with cases of various qualities.

Opening Cases

One of the site’s features is that of opening cases. However, these are not your usual CS:GO cases. Instead, they are custom-made Skin.Club cases and you can see their contents and the odds of getting each skin.

Customer Support

Customer support is great and available throughout the day. If you have questions, feel free to ask them for assistance. You will be told everything you need to know about the platform and helped to solve whatever issue may arise.


Graphical user interface, website

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When it comes to Skin.Club’s interface, there’s one thing that you will love and one thing that you will probably dislike a lot.

On the bright side, the platform is available in no less than 10 languages! This shows you that Skin.Club is serious about serving a wide range of customers. The standard language is English, but you can also view the site in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and so on.

The thing that you will probably dislike about the interface is that it’s not intuitive at all. The first time when you enter the site, you need to spend entire minutes just to figure out where you should be clicking, what the features are, and how everything works.

This is not fun at all, but if you’re familiar with CS:GO gambling sites, you won’t perceive the problem because everything will be intuitive for you. As a newcomer though, you’ll need to take 5-10 minutes to study the system and not give up in the process. However, one good thing about Skin.Club is the Customer Support. If you have questions, just ask.

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